Fundamental Bambinos

Bambinos is an experiential Daycare facility offering a unique integrated approach to learning that focuses on creating fun activities that stimulate knowledge development, within a safe environment.

Discovering Knowledge

Infants learn much about the world through their own exploration and discovery. The process is known as experiential learning and provides the groundwork for a child’s cognitive development.

Babies further begin to understand new concepts through a process known as assimilation.

Experiential Learning

Immediate personal experience is the focal point of learning and provides concrete examples for abstract ideas and concepts. Infants develop a feedback process that allows them to test new ideas against what they already know and observe new experiences that help them change their previous knowledge capacity.

The information feedback from exploration provides the basis for continued exploration and goal-oriented action.


Assimilation and accommodation help infants adapt to the environment by helping them understand new stimuli by relating it to what they already know. Assimilation refers to the process in which infants gather new information and fit it into what they have already learned in their past.

Building Your Bambinos Cognitive Development

The most important aspect of helping a baby explore their surroundings is that the child needs to know that they have a secure base available if they begin to perceive danger in the environment. This is established by a parent comforting the child in a time of need, which includes feeding them when they are hungry or holding them when they are startled. Without a sense of security, babies cannot explore their surroundings with confidence, which can delay cognitive development.

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