Bambinos Daycare Policy


It is the policy of Bambinos Daycare to oer places on a first come, first served basis. Priority
will be given, however to siblings of children already attending the Nursery and to the sta of
Bambinos Daycare.


Medicines must be labeled with the following:
-The child’s name
-The exact dosage required
-Time or times of day it is to be given
A medicine administration form must be completed and signed by parent/guardian and nurse
or oce sta.
The Nursery will ensure that this record is kept up to date.
All medicines will be kept away from the children and stored safely and appropriately.


In the event of an accident requiring hospital treatment, the Ocer in charge will try to
inform the parents immediately and take the child to hospital.
This person will stay with the child until the parents arrive.
If the parents do not arrive or we are unable to contact them, this person will stay with the
child until appropriate treatment has been rendered, and then return the child to Bambinos
Daycare, where he or she will be cared for till parents arrive.


We at Bambinos Daycare realise that all children have minor illnesses that do not prevent
them from attending, however, in the following circumstances children will be excluded from
the Daycare:
-Diarrhea and / or vomiting.
-Infectious illnesses – for example: chicken pox, mumps and measles
-Fever or temperature of ٣٨ degrees and over.
If a child arrives at the Daycare ill, the senior member of sta will take the decision as to
whether the child is fit to attend or not. If not, the parent will be asked to take the child home.
If a child becomes ill at Daycare, we will take responsibility for informing the child’s
parents/Guardian. They will be asked to collect the child. Whilst waiting for the parent, the
child will be comforted and in the Nurses care.


Fire drill will be held at regular and random intervals. These will be held with no regard to
any conditions existing inside or outside of the Daycare premises, e.g. rain, mealtimes, busy
or quiet, parents or visitors on site.
Teachers will have the registers. Sta will lead the children out in an orderly manner and will
assemble o the Daycare premises. The register will be checked to ensure all children are
accounted for


-The Daycare is a safe and clean environment.
-Training will be provided to ensure that all sta is aware of the health and safety policy and
understand its importance.
-All equipment is safe and in good order.


Bambinos Daycare has following arrangements in place for the care of children when away
from the registered premises.
-Sucient and appropriate sta will be present on outing activities.
-We shall obtain written consent from parents prior to children being taken o the registered


As part of the partnership between Bambinos Daycare, sta and parents, it is important that
parents and sta are able to discuss any matters arising without fear of disapproval.
-When a complaint is received, management will gain as much information as possible on the
nature of the concern.
-All complaints will be treated seriously and always recorded in the appropriate file. However
minor they may seem, all complaints will be investigated and the result will be confirmed
with the complainant.


The emphasis within the Daycare is very much on encouraging positive behavior.
We endeavour to encourage the development of a sense of right and wrong while baring in mind
each child’s age level of understanding.
Children of this age are generally keen to please, and have a natural and sometimes unbounded
enthusiasm for all that we oer them. We try to instill a sense of respect for self, elders, and to
inculcate traditional good manners – such as please and thank you, table manners, etc
In event of a child misbehaving, the child will be gently reminded of the correct way to behave
and will be encouraged to apologise for his/her behaviour.
A child whose behavior is repeatedly unacceptable will be removed from the situation and the
situation will be reported to management.
In case of persistent anti social behavior such as smacking, biting, pinching, scratching, willful
destruction of equipment, continual disobedience or where dicult behavior is thought to be
habitual, teacher and management will discuss the situation with the child’s parents to try and
form a plan of action that can be implemented both at home and at the nursery.


We all appreciate that is very distressing to any parent to hear that their child has been hurt in
any way, and parents seem to view biting as being “worse than any other form of spitefulness”.
Please believe that Sta would obviously prefer to prevent every episode of anti social behavior
as they all dread having to tell a parent that their child has been hurt during the day, knowing
that some parents will react badly.
The reason that any form of anti social behavior is able to take place is that within a Daycare
situation, we provide group care and not one to one care. Whilst all our sta works very hard at
providing an excellent standard of supervision, there are times during the day, particularly
during free play, where the children have a freer rein and therefore when sta cannot supervise
every individual for every second. Almost all incidents happen unbelievably quickly and are
often the result of a disagreement between two children over toys.
The hurt child will always be comforted first. Please rest assured that all children recover
extremely quickly.
The oending child will be made aware of the misdeed and will be encouraged to apologise to
the other child.
The incident will be recorded and parents will be informed of the situation when collecting the


Bambinos Daycare will oer a range of activities, opportunities and experiences that will enable
all children that attend, to develop skills, confidence and independence.
We will endeavour to provide suitable materials and equipment to enable sta to prepare and
execute play activities.


These will provide the children with opportunity to work together.
They can experiment with dierent materials. The opportunity to help with planning, preparing
and clearing away is part of this process.
We also aim to encourage the development of: language, co-operation, problem solving and
self-esteem, and to produce something to take home every end of the week.


These will enable all children to have the opportunity to participate in productive activities. This
is particularly important with very young children. These may include things like natural
materials, walks, story sessions and singing. Children learn through their senses. We therefore
need to stimulate this as early as possible. It is also nice to do things that are fun as well as


The above will be oered to all children regardless. Children with developmental delay will be
given any extra help that the teacher feels is necessary. All children will be encouraged to
participate in activities etc.


Our ultimate aim is to have happy, confident children who will leave us to begin school armed
with a variety of skills and abilities that will enable them to cope as they go forward in life.
We aim to keep in constant communication with parents regarding their child’s progress and
development on an informal basis. Each child will be given a Report Book where teachers and
parents can communicate.

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